Sales and repair of all industrial pumps

Who are whe?

Founded in 1990, DECHESNE PUMPS resumes and continues the activities of the ETS DECHESNE limited compagny (1934).

Our activities:

  • Supply, installation, repair and maintenance of centrifugal and volumetric pumps.

Human resources:

  • 15 people

Technical means:

  • Mechanical workshop
  • Engines control panel (high voltage and dielectric tests)
  • Multi voltages test floor (230/400/500V) with frequency converter and electronic measurements
  • Electrical workshop for producing control units
  • Workshop vans, truck crane
  • Alignment lasers
  • Measurement and analysis of vibration

Main suppliers:

  • KSB - Flowserve - Pleuger - Leistritz - Caprari